In talks with Dr Talal AlHarigi, Executive Director, The National Training Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management (FHM).

Dr Talal AlHarigi, Executive Director, The National Training Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management (FHM), will hold 3 training sessions at FM EXPO Saudi and Saudi Clean Expo 2019. We sat down to get a preview into his market outlook:

1. What is your outlook on the Facilities Management industry in Saudi Arabia?

FM is a promising emerging sector in Saudi Arabia, many government agencies and companies are converting their contracts from O&M to FM.  Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 stets quality of living targets and high standards for the upcoming projects. These projects will require qualify FM services that understand the market, Saudi culture, and customers needs. The fact the Saudi Arabia is the largest FM market in the region that set forward ambitious projects that may result on a growth rate of FM investment that exceeds 12% annually.

2.Who do you target for FM training in the industry and how does it benefit them?

FM professionals and the young engineers who are planning to leverage the opportunity of the raising FM market. Also, the property owners need to increase their knowledge about the new techniques and processes in FM which will help them increase the profitably and efficiency of their properties. Furthermore, current legacy companies who are offering O&M services need to understand the changing expectations of their proponents and set their plans to offer FM in order to sustain their position in the market.

3. Are there specific factors which may influence this in the next 3 years?

Three factors will have major influence in in FM market are:

  • Vision 2030 projects that will increase demand on FM market though will require high quality and mass of professional trained manpower.
  • ICT, technology, and health will be a factor that will help FM companies to be in a competitive advantage by offering quality cost effective services and becoming technology/science based in a way that means they can contribute to the quality of life as major performance indicator.
  • Manpower, if not planned for early on, may result in companies losing their opportunities as the current trend on the Saudi FM market indicate clients demands for quality FM services that understand their goal of the facility. At the same time, companies need to be ready to localize their manpower and hire more Saudis. It is more cost effective for companies to affiliate with FM specialized not-for-profit training centres and plan their future manpower than relying on the traditional requirements and ad-hoc training.

4. What do you look forward to most at FM EXPO and Saudi Clean Expo?

FM EXPO presents an opportunity for industry leaders and professionals to meet and discuss FM industry matters. It is an opportunity to have a focused three days where you can learn about the new technology and practices and at the same time build relation with exhibitors for business to business collaboration. From rosters of exhibitors, in FM EXPO we start seeing training centres present and this indicates the importance of localization that leads to developing Saudi workforce in the FM sector.

Dr Talal AlHarigi will be speaking on 30 Jan 2019, 5:00-5:30PM, 6:30-7:00PM, 7:30-8:00PM, at FM EXPO Saudi and Saudi Clean Expo 2019 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.

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